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Dandelion Fluff

Toni Umbarger | Thoughtseeds | dandelion fluff

           Dandelion Fluff seemed an appropriate title for this, my first post.  A blog does seem a lot like the seed puff on a dandelion.  Once posted to the world-wide-web, thought seeds are blown to who-knows-where.  Hopefully, my thoughts will be philosophical flower seeds, rather than weed seeds. 

            Please don’t be offended if you don’t share my romantic view of the humble dandelion.  If you are one of those who diligently digs dandelions from your lawn, I’m sure you have purpose in doing so.  Pristine lawns are beautiful, in a sculpted, artistic, however artificial,  way.  Personally, I like the natural look.  Maybe that’s partially due to the fact that I never really grew up.  Living in the rural setting of farm life and retaining my childlike (some might say naive) heart, I still see the beauty in the flower and seed puff of a dandelion.  When it comes to dandelions, I refuse to see pesky weeds.  Don’t get me wrong, although the natural look is dear to my heart, I still like a mowed lawn.  I do have limits.

            In the many years I have been on this earth, I have learned a lot.  It didn’t happen as quickly as I would have liked.  As I said, I’m still growing up.  However, by the grace of God, I have come a long way.  In large part, my growing is a result of the patience and influence of people around me.  Looking back, I sometimes wonder how my friends and family have put up with me, especially in my young, more self-centered days.  One major thing I have learned is that the smaller one’s universe is, the easier it is to be the center of that universe.  Isn’t that what makes young children so selfish?  Their universes are almost microscopic. 

            As I have grown and my universe has expanded, I’ve become better at putting the desires and needs of others before my own.  Growing this much has helped me to see the flowers, not weeds, in the people around me and the children I work with.  My universe continues to expand, but I still have moments when selfish desires consume me and those walls begin to narrow.  My determination is to grow beyond those walls.  It is one of my major goals!


5 thoughts on “Dandelion Fluff

    1. Thank you, but, in this case, I must credit my daughter for the photo. She is a professional photographer. This photograph, however, was taken with her phone in our front yard just before sunset. I should have credited her in the post. She writes poetry with her camera!


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