Crush on Words

Crush on Words #8

What a word! Wish I knew who came up with some of these.Toni Umbarger | Thoughtseeds | Crush on Words #8


5 thoughts on “Crush on Words #8

    1. Thank you again, Maira! I’ve been out of commission for a while, sorry I haven’t responded. My mother was in the hospital (she’s doing well now), and then I went back to work (I work in special education at our local school). The combination of the two created too many time constraints for blogging. I may follow your lead and break a rule or two in my post, which may not take place for a few days. I’m thinking I may only nominate one blogger. I also like the idea of three questions instead of ten. I may even steal your questions, which are great. Thank you again!


    1. Wow! I’ve met very few others named Toni. Nice to have you as a namesake.
      The program I use most often is Microsoft Publisher. You can save pictures or text boxes or a combination as a picture file. It makes them very easy to post. I have also used Photoshop to produce some of the backgrounds for my poems. Then I insert them into Publisher and add a text box with my poem, group them and save as a picture.


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