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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

   For a while now, I have wanted to express my gratitude to all you WordPressers out there who have encouraged me since I began flutterings. As I have said more than once, I am new at displaying my work in a public forum like this. As it turned out, I had scarcely established my first post when followers and likes began to appear, much to my astonishment. All your wonderful comments on my posts have been a blessing and are much appreciated. Almost everything I have posted since I began flutterings has received a like or two. Even my little grandson’s guest-post poem was liked.

   You have all been so gracious to encourage a fledgling WordPresser like myself. If that was your intention, you have succeeded. As typical with many writers, I am often unsure of the worth of my work in the eyes of others. If any of you ever have suggestions or criticisms, I would more than welcome your feedback. Although I greatly appreciate the feedback that comes from my family and friends, it is, of course, prejudiced. They understand that writing is a large part of who I am. Besides that, they have had years to get used to my writing.

   Time constraints recently have prevented me from visiting your sites as often as I would have liked. I have missed that experience as I enjoy your work so much. The beauty and talent you pour out daily on your blogs is overwhelming to say the least. You all deserve a towering measure of success.

   Many of the poems I have posted were inspired by my faith. It has not been my intention to be preachy or to condemn, so I hope no one has been offended. I am not the kind of Christian who tries to beat everyone into submitting to what I believe. I simply have a Christ-filled heart; it is who I am, and poetry is all about sharing those deepest parts of me. Christ’s example was to lead rather than push or pull.

   My heartfelt thanks goes out to all my new friends for making this an enjoyable experience for me (as opposed to one wracked with anxiety and self-doubt). I commend you.